After searching high and low for a particular necklace she’d long been envisioning, Susan Fahey gave up the hunt and made the piece herself. Soon after, she began designing for individuals and companies who often approached to ask where her many unique pieces came from.

Before long, Fahey Fine Jewlery was born. Sophisticated, chic, and deeply personal, Fahey’s company pays homage to the dressmakers and designers of her italian roots, by focusing on color, detail, design, and versatility. Her collections are equal parts rustic and refined, subtle and distinctive—yet incredibly easy to wear.

Using ancient finds, mixed with diamonds, pearls, stones, and precious metals sourced from virtually every continent, Fahey and her team take their inspiration from imagination, instinct, and the natural wonders of everyday life.


As of Fall 2018 Rhonda Taylor McDonald has joined our team as Head of Sales and Assistant Buyer.   Rhonda was born and raised in Texas. She has also spent much of her life traveling the world and collecting treasures.  She spent the latter part of her formative years in Greenwich CT where she has permanently resided since 1986.